V. Chabukiani Tbilisi Ballet Art State School

December 27 1936 may be considered as the date of birth of Georgian Classic ballet. It was the day when the first Georgian Ballet “Mzechabuki” was performed in Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre(composer-A.Balanchivadze,choreographer V.Chabukiani, painter S.Virsaladze). Although the establishment of classic had started a bit earlier.
Interview of Mrs. Nino Ananiashvili with famous representatives of world ballet
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Nikolay Tsiskaridze
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Angel Corella
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Kevin O’Hare
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Alexandre Vassiliev
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Giuseppe Picone
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Mikhail Lavrovsky
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Denis Matvienko
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Vladislav Lantratov
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Alexei Ratmansky
  • Chat Mrs. Nina Ananiashvili-Maria Kochetkova
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"Ballet in Georgia"

V. Chabukiani Tbilisi ballet art state school and art group presented documentary movie – “Ballet in Georgia”
Duration: 90 min
This is the first attempt of the documentary narration of Georgian ballet history

  • Produced by: Prima Ballerina Nina Ananiashvili
  • Written: by: Lela Shengeli, Shalva Shengeli
  • Directed by: Shalva Shengeli
  • Idey by: Zviad Bakradze
  • Composer: Misha Mdinaradze
  • Consultan: Ilya Tavberidze
The present book is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Choreographic School. Instead of
chronological arrangement authors of the present book tried to tell the readers about this School and the
people working in it, to display the episodes from their life within the context of the country life in general. It
is the authors’ idea to tell about the adventures of the Vakhtang Chabukiani Tbilisi Ballet Art State School in
Georgia from Perini up to the present day.
Graduation performances
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