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16-19 March 2018

With the support of Mrs. Nino Ananiashvili students of V. Chabukiani Tbilis Ballet Art State School participated in Dominiko Moduni international ballet competition in the city of Lecce.
Student Mari Lomjaria took first place in classical variation (seventh grade), student Tinatin Khaindrava took fourth place (seventh grade), student Sofo Nachghebia took sixth place (seventh grade). Also students of Chabukiani Tbilis Ballet Art State School: Tinatin Khaindrava, Mariam Khalvashi, Mari Lomjaria, Sophio Nachkhebia, Elene Alaphishvili, Elisabed Chabukiani, Patricia-Anastasia Votkinson, Anna Mamadashvili, Sophiko Tsintsadze and Viktoria Chkhenkeli took third place in group dancing. Students Mari Lomjaria and Sophiko tsintsadze were invited to attend the summer school in Barcelona with a hundred percent funding.
The Pupils of the VI, VII classes


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